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China Blue 1986 > A Blue Supreme 2015




Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen [1986-2019].



"Without music life would be a mistake?"

For some years now, musician Peter Maes and visual artist Stefaan van Biesen have been working together as a duo and experimenting with sound and song structures. Their music collaboration covers a broad field of styles and influences, ranging from experimental music to soundscapes, from wave to ambiant. They worked on several projects, started with China Blue [1986], later with projects like B-Hive [a post wave project 2010], the Colour U / Head Wanderer Ensemble [2011] and A Blue Supreme [2015-2019].


Starting from a rock setting, their music has evolved to a more eclectic form, [a crossover], where all kinds of influences, from the classical avant-garde to alternative rock, have melted into one specific sound. Having opted for the guitar as their instrument, they use computers, sampling, keyboards and digital recordings of their surroundings to further their creation of a sound landscape of their own. In this way, they give music a more visual dimension. Inevitably, this has resulted into a series of compositions, written especially for video and art exhibitions.





A Blue Supreme [China Blue] 2015:

Peter Maes [Fender guitar, samling, keyboard] and Stefaan van Biesen [Ibanez and acoustic Yamaha guitars, keyboard, drum programming and vocal].


At the moment we are not a live band. We like to compose new songs and compositions. We will see what the future will bring. Stefaan van Biesen is working individually as a sound artist in Europe.

Music recorded on Tascam DP-32SD and with computer software. Songwriting, lyrics, mixing and production: Stefaan van Biesen. We use Roland GP 8 guitar effects processor, Roland GR-55 guitar Synthesizer, Korg Micro X Synthesizer/controller, Roland Juno-6, Boss DR-880 drum programming, Boss RC-300 Loop Station, Digitech GNX 4 Guitar workstation, field recordings with Roland R-05 wave/MP3 recorder.




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