Head Wanderer Ensemble / the colour U

Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen [2009 > 2018].



For some time Peter Maes and Stefaan van Biesen worked on the colour U and Head Wanderer Ensemble project [2009-2018]. Live perfomances for art projects. Making sound compositions as a musical layer to perform live. The 'Head Wanderer Ensemble' is a more experimental phase, a mix of classical music and electro.





Travel Notes [Head Wanderer Ensemble].

2018 release CD on Bandcamp: https://b-hive.bandcamp.com/album/travel-notes



2018. The new Band Camp release of 'Travel Notes' by Head Wanderer Ensemble (Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen aka China Blue, the Color U). A full CD with instrumental compositions inspired by different walks in Europe: Nicosia, Berlin, Paris, Edinburgh, Leipzig , Lissabon ... a mix of electronics and electric / acoustic guitars with field recordings in different cities during walks.





the Dresden Suite [Head Wanderer].

[Live performance - Total time: 20:43].



Soundtrack 'the Dresden Suite' written and produced by Stefaan van Biesen during the Milena principle performance 'Canto Indientro' for the Accademia Dantesca Jahnishausen in Germany, June 2011. Performed live by Peter Maes and Stefaan van Biesen at Dacca Live 2011 and at Vitrapoint Antwerp Belgium 2010. Soundtrack available on Band Camp: https://b-hive.bandcamp.com/album/the-dresden-suite


Video is an adaptation of the live performance at DACCA Belgium for the art project METAforen 28.08.2011.



Starting from a rock setting, their music has evolved to a more eclectic form, [a crossover], where all kinds of influences, from the classical avant-garde to alternative rock, have melted into one specific sound. Having opted for the guitar as their instrument, they use a computer, sampling, keyboards and digital recordings of their surroundings to further their creation of a sound landscape of their own. In this way, they give music a more visual dimension. Inevitably, this has resulted into a series of compositions, written especially for video and art exhibitions.




The Listening City

[Live performance - total time 39:07]



Live performance by the colour U at STeM Sint-Niklaas Belgium. 09.05.2013. European city sound workshop and event with noTours and WIT Urban Team in Sint-Niklaas. Via participation of the residents and contributions of the European visitors the project will focus on an aural experience of the city and on the creation of a soundwalk with an alternative and creative tour of the city.




É T U D E S F O R 2 E L E C T R I C G U I T A R S [ 2 0 0 9 ] .



[Études for 2 electric guitars]. Electronica +2 treated guitars and keyboards. A mix of improvisation, self made samples and home computer production. [Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen].





Music video the colour U * [2007-2011]



Working [A Working Man Song] [version].





Midsummernight's Dream [live recording] 2007.




No Safe Places








Klang [Berlin]








Spiral Design








She Is








Dancer In The Rain




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