v i s i o n the colour u

s o u n d and v i s i o n


We live in an incredible time for art. There is no limit on creativity. Technology gives everyone the opportunity and possibility to explore. No more expensive studios, high production costs. Just you, ideas and a computer. We can create our own world easily.
Later on we can distribute our work on the net. There are a million different platforms to do so. Internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest democratic instruments with a enormous impact: with a click of our hand we all can create tracks and get them up on the net.

Some say that the internet has become an 'ocean of visual and musical garbage'. An inscrutable avalanche of sound, ideas and music. They fear that this overload leads to cultural decline and mediocrity. What if people start to feel comfortable with this? Cultural uniformity can be a dangerous evolution. The constant stream of fast to be consumed hypes has turned us into 'consumers' instead of 'listeners'. 

There is nothing new by saying that the Internet evolution caused a music industry that is dying in the way as we knew it. Bands can only survive financially by performing live. Downloading has changed the whole landscape. And how do interesting new talented bands survive in this cyber jungle? How can they be heard in the global noise and be picked up by curators and the media?

In this post industrial age we have to deal with social isolation, urban loneliness caused of the break of community. The paradox is that we all sit at home alone in our room being connected to the whole world. Maybe that is one of the reasons we want to re-define ourselves through the way of creativity.

Digital computer technology can give us the possibility to make things that sound or look arty and undoubtedly perfect. But can it replace the craft of the artist, the musician? No! Perfection in music is experienced as sterile, unearthly. Perfect digital art can lead to a sense of boredom. 'Imperfection' is a quality to music and man. Let us keep focused on concepts such as 'vulnerability', 'beauty' and 'imperfection'. It makes a difference in experiencing life and music.